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The first time I tried BreatheZen Nasal Spray, I felt for the first time in almost 20 years immediate relief. I tried almost just about every spray otc and prescribed and nothing worked. Some with steroids gave me the worst side effects as bleeding, swelling etc..Some others almost choked me, creating an anxiety attack for not being able to breathe. The only thing I’d like is, if the manufacturers could improve their distribution channels so it could be more available throughout retailers.. This product is OUTSTANDING and great!!….The moment one sprays it in, one can feel the soothing/cleansing/relief sensation. I had a septoplastia and turbinate reduction and this generated a lot of blood/mucus after packs removal….I was desperate until my ENT Dr provided me with a sample…right after trying it I went online to order 3 more. Jorge S.

Love, Love, Love BreatheZen!!! I have tried other products over the years with no relief, figured I had to spend the rest of my life miserable. Now I have Quick relief at my fingertips!!! Thank you BreatheZen for the ability to breathe again!!! Marybeth P. Baltimore, MD

“I have chronic nasal congestion due to year round allergies. After trying several OTC and Rx nasal sprays I was introduced to BreatheZen – It Worked!! I got immediate relief for hours with no side effects! Awesome product!” Melissa, Erie, PA

“I think BreatheZen is an awesome product. Initially it took some getting used to, but now I am breathing better than ever! We’re in nostril heaven!” Monica, Erie, PA

“LOVE IT!! I have severe sinus problems for several months of the year and couldn’t seem to get relief until this product came along. It works great and is reasonably priced.” Cindy

“I teach 5-8 yoga classes per week, and a stuffy nose can make some of the poses a misery. I started using BreatheZen Spray before each class, and it has really made a difference. I can hold my head upside down for more than 5 seconds now. Thanks!” Kathleen

“Great product! I have always suffered with a stuffed up nose. After using BreatheZen™ Nasal Spray I can actually breathe through my nose. What a pleasure!” Diane, Orlando, FL

“I could barely breathe through my nose and it hurt to try. After a couple of sprays of BreatheZen™ spray I could actually blow my nose and breathe through it again.” Adrienne, Memphis, TN

“I live in Albuquerque where the desiccated desert air dries my nasal mucosa and plays havoc with my sinuses.  For years I have used saline sprays as recommended for residents to deal with this uncomfortable problem.  Recently my best friend Dr. Jack Anon sent me your BreatheZen™ spray — it is wonderful — so much more soothing than the plain saline sprays.  I am sure you will have great success with it in the Southwest!” Richard, Albuquerque, NM

“My nose stays dry and stuffy pretty much year ’round. I hate taking medicine and I hate the feeling of spraying anything that burns into my nose. I tried BreatheZen™ spray, and it’s the first time I have gotten any real relief without feeling like my nose was on fire.” Robert, Arlington, TN