Breathe better no matter what life “throws” at you:

Allergies • Cold • Flu • Snoring • Sinusitis • Dry Areas • Recirculated Air in Airplanes & Offices

TIP: Try adding 8 sprays of BreatheZen to the 8 oz. Nasal Saline Irrigation solution for better results!!!

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A number of ENT’s specializing in nasal/sinus care, were frustrated by the lack of good options for maintaining nasal hygiene. These doctors created an ideal formula to improve nasal breathing in people distressed with occasional or chronic nasal/sinus related issues.

Take a Cleansing Breath!


BreatheZen™ Herbal Saline Nasal Spray was created to soothe, moisturize and cleanse nasal crusting, dryness and occasional congestion.

■ It is a specially formulated herbal saline spray that gently cleanses
and moisturizes the nasal cavity.
■ Washes out pollen dust dander and other allergens.
■ Provides nasal moisture in dry climates and high altitudes.
■ Refreshes and moisturizes the nose/sinuses when breathing dry recycled air
- In offices
- Airplanes
- Enclosed places

BreatheZen™ USERS SAY:

■ It works in seconds
■ It’s effective
■ My nose feels open
■ I breathe better
■ It reduces my nasal dryness
■ I feel better
■ I sleep better
■ I snore less
■ I reduced the use of other nasal medications

I have chronic nasal congestion due to year round allergies. After trying several OTC nasal sprays, I was introduced to BreatheZen. It worked! I got immediate relief for hours with no side effects! Awesome product!

Mellissa, RN, Erie PA.s

Nearly all my patients who have used BreatheZen™ Nasal Spray have reported a benefit. I regularly recommend it to patients, family, and friends.

Wellington S. Tichenor, MD, FAAAAI, FACT, Associate
Clinical Professor of Medicine New York Medical
College, Private Allergy Practice, Author of

Znova LLC, P.O. Box 21505, Pikesville, MD 21282; 443-379-4563